Growing Organically Since 1970


The Company, Namsal Gıda, was founded in Orhangazi District of Bursa in 2001 to service in the IQF freezed-fruit and vegetables sector. The company begins its activities in the freezed-product field with IQF freezed-fruits and then widens its product range adding the IQF freezed-vegetable products to its product portfolio. The company succeeds in carrying its powerful sovereignty in the domestic market to the foreign markets, by making new investments since year 2001, presenting superior service and quality, as well as with satisfaction and support of the customers and, has reached its current position of being the strongest producer, exporter, and supplier in the domestic market, in the IQF freezed-foodstuff business. In 2005, after deciding to do the export business in its own foundation, the company has improved its domestic market share and sales volume targets and has determined a new mission to realize these targets.

Sector & Marketıng & Sales

Namsal Gıda, with its personnel, has habituated itself to be one-step forward before its competitors, ‘’by understanding the demands and requirements of the Customers “promptly” and “correctly” and taking necessary actions “immediately”.
Our customer-oriented company appropriates the quality of the services given to the customers as an integral concept with respect to “product quality and personnel quality” and, has always considered the demands and requirements of customers as the base, in order to implement this integral perfectly.

Sector & Marketıng & Sales

Some of our IQF freezed-products are presented to the final buyers by some of our customers in the packages designed by them and some are used as the additive substance, ingredients as the most demanded taste and quality, in some special products such as yogurt, cake, marmalade, and pizza of some companies. We, Namsal Gıda, participate in all food events&exhabitions organized both in our country and in foreign countries. With these events, we have an opportunity to support our marketing and presentation activities, follow closely the developments in the sector, and reach update data about market and demands of our customers.




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